Kuprum copperware are made to endure heat and humidity exceptionally well. Please refer to the guidelines below and click here to access the User’s Manual to take good care of your copperware.


Copper will form a patina with time.

Copper will naturally form a dark layer with time, which doesn't affect its performance. Occasionally use a non-abrasive cleaner to keep your copperware looking new. Rub briskly with a soft cotton cloth using a copper polish. A less effective yet more available substitute for copper polish is ketchup. Handwash with warm water after applying the polish and dry immediately to prevent watermarks. 


Cook gently, protect the tin lining.

Tin-lined copper is the best heat conducting cookware material. Therefore, high and extremely high heat are not necessary to get your pan to ideal cooking temperatures. Please use tin-lined copper cookware on low/medium heat. Tin melts at 450 F and extremely high heats might cause the tin lining to bubble and melt. It is still safe to use the tin lining after it has melted and solidified unless a large area of copper is showing through the tin. Use wood or plastic utensils to avoid scratching the tin lining. The tin lining will naturally darken and matten after first use. When an area the size of a quarter is showing through the tin, it's time for a retinning.

Handwash only.

Do not put copperware in the dishwasher as dishwasher detergents will damage your copper products.