Hand-crafted from solid copper by coppersmiths with over 35 years of artisanship and hammering experience. 

 Copper Manufacturing Process



Kuprum’s in-house design team and manufacturing partner work together to create products worthy of 100% solid copper construction and design. Following a detailed sampling period, the handiwork begins.


Kuprum sources its copper from Anatolian copper mines. This Mediterranean region has copper mining, crafting and hammering traditions and networks that date back as far as Ancient Roman and Greek times.The refined raw copper is shaped into copper disks and plates, polished and pressed.


Experienced copper artisans give detailed form to copperware by metal spinning by hand. Objects are then hand-hammered one by one with patience and expertise. The centuries-old hand tinning tradition is used on copperware that will come in contact with food or acidic elements. Hand polishing, handle riveting, quality checks and packaging follow.



At Kuprum, we take pride in partnering with the right designers and craftsmen to create beautiful and functional copperware. Kuprum copperware are sensibly priced and meticulously hand-crafted the old-fashioned way.