Artisan's Anvil Hand Hammered Copper Pitcher - 1
Artisan's Anvil $ 54.97



  • BEAUTIFUL 100% HAND MADE PURE COPPER - Hand hammered finish with a welded pure polished copper handle. Perfect for serving water, cocktails, juice, tea or really anything you want to serve cold in style.
  • LARGE 70 OZ. CAPACITY - Holds 2+ Liters (more than a half-gallon) of your chosen beverage. Weighs nearly 2 lbs. before filling.
  • DURABLE & MADE TO LAST - Copper water pitcher is constructed from 16-gauge pure copper. Designed to offer many years of use and enjoyment. Tarnish-resistant coating on the exterior, pure copper interior.
  • HANDMADE ARTISAN CRAFTSMANSHIP - Unmatched handcrafted quality. Each copper jug is put through a multi-day process that includes 14 different steps to ensure each piece is impressively unique.
  • BEAUTIFUL AS IT IS FUNCTIONAL - Perfect for use as an accent on your countertop, kitchen, dresser, vanity, or table. Use as a vase for your favorite flowers. As a copper watering can. Or just keep it tucked away for your next beverage that needs serving.


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