Kuprum 4 quart Copper Pot
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  • It's the perfect tool for mastering recipes and cooking techniques: A solid copper body and tin lining combo make the best and most even heat conducting cookware on market. Put your ingredient mixing skills and favorite recipes to test. Try simmering those stews, soups, braises, beans and grains in this copper pot and see what even heat distribution really means! Definitely less stirring for you and more even cooking for the recipes. Be careful with the heat factor though - any changes in heat will be reflected in your pot right then and there - no lag time with copper!
  • It will immediately spice up your kitchen decor: The rosy copper glow will add a beautiful touch to any kitchen. Pair with brownish wood cabinets or wooden gadgets for a warm rustic look. Pair with marble and steel for a cooler vintage modern feel. Hang above your stove or kitchen island with other copper cookware for the complete look! Or simply stack or place next to some green plants to accent the gorgeous copper hue.
  • It's like instant decor for your dinner tables: Use your copper pot as a serving dish on your dinner table and awe guests and family with its grandeur. The copper color works especially well with blue, green, pink and white table decor. 
  • It comes at an affordable price compared to other 100% solid copper cookware: Given the copper thickness (1.5 mm! No steel lining mind you! 1.5 mm of solid copper!), quality and artisanship of this fry pan, the price is very competitive. 
  • It's evidently artisanal and makes a wonderful gift: This pot feels like a work of art in your hands. Hand-hammered, hand-tinned, hand-polished and handles riveted one by one - how could it not? Definitely a gift home chefs or cooking enthusiasts would appreciate. 

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