Refined Design Copper Pitcher - 1
Refined Design Copper $ 10.50



  • PURE COPPER: Don't settle for copper plated goods. This jug is pure copper all the way through. Pure copper has a better aesthetic, better health benefits and better cooling properties.
  • ANTIMICROBIAL: Pure copper has antimicrobial properties that help kill E-coli, influenza and other bacteria. Ancient cultures realized this before science could prove it and this is why it was such a popular material for drinking and transporting water.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: The traditional Indian system of medicine, Ayurveda, has long held that drinking water from a copper pitcher may help with weight loss, inflammation and even cancer prevention.
  • HANDMADE: Our pitchers are made one at a time by craftsmen dedicated to the art of metal working. These are not mass produced in a factory. Each one is shaped, hammered and polished by hand so that you are buying a true piece of art.
  • DURABLE: You no longer have to worry about breaking your glass pitchers or cracking your plastic pitchers. These copper pitchers will last a lifetime with proper care.


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